A Body-Form development may be carried out solely by the body maker, or it may be based on the know-how of industry supervisors. In both cases, Kiiya’s talented craftsmen work while making use of our know-how.
We have young, very skillful and research enthusiasts, so we can continue to support the industry.
In 2008, we developed a first European-sized body-form with Mr. Tamotsu Kondo, and from 2013, we developed body-forms for a fashion course at a university in the United Kingdom with together Design-Surgery in London.


The body forms which supervised by them are able to buy at their web site.
Please meet the body form at their site, perhaps you who lives in Europe should be able to be satisfied.

ICF institute of contemporary fashion


Kiiya gained European clothing know-how through their direction. At first, we were often confused. Because, ideas different from those of Japanese leaders appeared everywhere. However, they have become new techniques for making our bodies. Fortunately, We can provide our technology to our customers all over the world.
The bodies that we have jointly developed are now active all over the world.
We are not fluent in language. But we are fluent to know the request and to communicate to each other.
we are confident that our customers from all over the world will be satisfied.